We are deeply committed to providing holistic development to your child

"With Little Leap, we aim to empower students to become well-rounded individuals with high levels of emotional intelligence, strong communication skills, social warmth, grit, curiosity and creative thinking. We hope that as students become confident and comfortable in their own skin, they can become smart leaders and change-makers of the future.”

Vishal Gupta

Founder & CEO, Little Leap

Our Mission

Refined Holistic Learning

To lead the way in building a natural and intuitive learning method for students to develop soft skills at a young age and enable them to become good communicators, creative thinkers and exemplary leader of the future

Next Future Leaders

Soft Skills and Life Skills are essential skills that give your child an edge over their peers. Little Leap is leading the way in nurturing the next generation of confident communicators, critical thinkers and problem solvers

It's designed for your child

Little Leap was born with a vision to help students learn soft skills effectively and develop holistically edging above the monotony of the traditional classroom learning methods

At Little Leap, Children Learn Through :


playful and engaging activities to enable skill development


interactive worksheets, stories and app based activites to internalize the learnings


competitions to implement the skills learnt in competitive environment


students collaborate and co-create with daily output focus enabling better learning

Our Sessions

Make Learning a Fun Expierence for Your Child

Bite-sized concepts and learnings integrated in super fun gamified group sessions that children love

Joyful Games


Rapport Building & Team Work

Interactive Reading

Active Enquiry

Group Discussions

Structured Reasoning

Individuals & Group Presentations

Reflective Conversations

Role play/ Skits Situation

Open Room Discussions

Individual & Group Worksheets